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DevOps is far more than simply infrastructure automation. At Conflux, our people have been living and breathing DevOps since at least 2010 when our Head of Consulting, Matthew Skelton, spoke at DevOpsDays Hamburg.

Based on our experience of helping organisations around the world to adopt DevOps practices, we have developed valuable insights into what works and what doesn't work with DevOps. We have distilled this expertise into a 1-day DevOps for Execs training course that will get you up and running with DevOps and set you on the path of success.

The 1-day course is an expanded and enhanced version of our DevOps in 90 minutes" live video training via O'Reilly Media, and can be run over 2 days as half-day sessions if you prefer.



£550 (€640/$780) per person + VAT and travel. Minimum 4 people.


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What you'll learn - DevOps for Execs

What really is DevOps?

We look beyond the hype and simplistic definitions to get to the heart of DevOps: why it works, why it's needed, and what the implications are for your organisation.

Learn the meaning of industry jargon and lay the foundations for a successful DevOps approach.

Flow and Feedback

We look at the value of flow and feedback within DevOps and how to use both to make your software delivery and IT operations much more effective.

Learn how to use Value Stream Mapping to identify wasteful wait states in your software delivery process.

Capabilities and Tools

The speed enabled by DevOps means that new skills, tools, and capabilities are needed, especially in infrastructure automation.

Learn about the key capabilities needed for DevOps and which capabilities to retain in-house versus consume "as a Service".

Team Responsibilities

Crucial to success in DevOps is having suitable responsibilty boundaries between teams. Where should we collaborate? Where should we "own" a service or system?

Learn which Team Topologies to use for DevOps and why different patterns are effective.


Course Facilitator

Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton - CEng

Head of Consulting

Matthew Skelton has been building, deploying, and operating commercial software systems since 1998. He specialises in Continuous Delivery and operability for software in manufacturing, ecommerce, and online services, including cloud, IoT, and embedded software.

  • "Thanks a lot, Matthew - very insightful and helpful"

    Attendee eno - 26 January 2018, after online training for DevOps in 90 mins

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